Eddie Vedder talking about Kurt Cobain

I went to buy some smokes and I saw this thing in the paper about Kurt ODing in Italy. I got home – I was alone in the house – and I remember all of a sudden shaking with panic. Feeling like that would be the worst thing – being panicked at the thought of the music world without him.
Eddie Vedder
Grunge is Dead - Greg Prato


In San Diego we were playing with Nirvana and the Chili Peppers. I had climbed an I- beam that you could kind of wrap your hand around. So I got to the top, and I thought, Well, how do I get down? I either just give it up and look like an idiot, or I go for it. So I decided to try it, and it was really ridiculously high, like 100 feet, something mortal. I was thinking that my mother was there, and I didn’t want her to see me die. So somehow I finally got back onstage, finished the song, and went to the side and threw up. I knew that was really stupid, beyond ridiculous. But to be honest, we were playing before Nirvana. You had to do something. Our first record was good, but their first record was better. - EDDIE VEDDER  (Everybody Loves Our Town)

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